Natalie Ray

I am a Portrait and Boudoir Photographer, based in Las Vegas, Nevada.


I discovered Photography when I was in high school; my first film camera was my father’s old Canon from his Marine Corps years (and yes, I still have it!).  It was studying Photography in college where I watched faces come to life printing in the darkroom, and it was there that I fell in love with expressions and my first portraits.  I can hardly believe it when I say that I’ve been a Photographer for eighteen years I have photographed athletes and brides, a Vice President
and congressmen, high school seniors, businessmen and women, mothers, grandfathers and everything in between.  I discovered my passion early, and I still fall in love with faces and portraits.


I believe photography can be a life changing, transformative experience.  It is my goal to relieve the stress of your family portrait session… to create your personal branding images in a way that makes you feel professional yet still yourself, to capture your son or daughter in a laugh that will make you smile forever, and to help you see the beauty of yourself in your own portraits that you may have forgotten. Reconnect with your true beauty or discover a side of yourself you haven’t met yet. My favorite part?  I want to be your photographer for all of these.  I create heirlooms that are cherished and shared for future generations, and I invite you to my boutique studio for yours.  Capture your memories, see your life in all its imperfection and beauty, cherish all the stages of life.  They are a legacy, and they are your legacy. Call the studio so that we can create a custom session that you will treasure forever. 


Available for international travel.  

Natalie! Oh my gosh. This made me tear up… this work is amazing! I feel so comfortable and happy with my smile. This series has me feeling on top of the world!! You are truly so talented!

Victoria Caristo, Las Vegas

I just seriously CANNOT believe how amazing these are… I totally got teary eyed again this morning at how lucky I am to have photos like this… I feel like these and maternity photos are MUST HAVES for every mom… EVERY MOTHER DAUGHTER relationship should have this!!!! I want to do these with Gianna every few years! It’s priceless! I just can’t emphasize enough how absolutely priceless having something like this is.

Breanna Galatte, Las Vegas

I have never had a professional photo shoot like this, and I am amazed at how awesome all my photos turned out, and how enjoyable Natalie made it all! She had me feeling confident like a superstar- and the photos she captured really capture that feeling! Well worth every penny and much more! My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner!

Warren K., Las Vegas